The ‘Get Right To It’ books and audios are produced specifically for ‘directness’ and ease of inner positive programming through Affirmations and Triggers, and Images that stimulate automatic thoughts, actions and reactions without having to wade through complex ‘fill and clutter’. Several artists have been commissioned to carefully draw the covers in accordance with Dr. De Marco’s vision for his dynamic use as Triggers which have been skillfully created and embellished in each book and audio so that they go deep into the child’s subconscious. Our approach has always been one in which a person learns in an effortless manner, for when someone tries something too hard and under too much pressure, often the opposite negative effect is gained. Repetition is crucial to the making and breaking of unwanted habits. Habits are developed by thinking and acting the same way over and over again, and similarly are broken with positive programming over and over again. This repetition becomes rooted in the subconscious mind which is 1,000 times - 10,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind.


The subconscious mind accepts everything that we have witnessed since birth. It accepts everything it receives, without analysis, without judgment, without choice, without prejudice. It accepts everything that the conscious mind has interpreted rightly or wrongly, files it for future use, and then sends it back up to our conscious mind for our conscious actions and thoughts and more importantly, also uses the information for our automatic, subconscious thoughts, actions, and reactions. Ready or not, we receive these subconscious messages. For example, it may be that when a child (even an adult) is taking a test and feels good about his or her ability to attain a good grade, the subconscious may send an instantaneous message in image form which encompasses past negative words said to the child, or actions, inactions, or happenings, whereby self-confidence ebbs and the child cannot think straight when attempting to come up with the answers, or past words of a strong positive nature are sent to the subconscious mind and self-confidence is at a high level and the child proceeds to pass the test with flying colors. We receive information constantly through our 5 senses, our learning channels....visual (sight), auditory (hearing), kinesthetic (touch), olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste). The child receives information from this book and/or audio visually and kinesthetically by reading himself/herself or auditorily by listening to the audio version or by someone else reading the book to him or her. Communication to the subconscious mind consists of verbal and non-verbal messages throughout our lives. Non-verbal messages are contained in the book and audio vividly on the cover which has special significance which you will understand when you read the Triggers section of this explanation. The imagination is constantly stimulated in a very positive and uplifting fashion.

Dr. Sigmund Freud observed that a child is a marvelous creature who can speak a foreign language as any language is foreign to the child at a tender age, and the child can also do mathematics: “Mommy I want two dollies”, “Daddy, I want two wagons”. Freud also believed that a child picks up imprints between the ages of 3-5 years which can be negative and positive, and which have the capability of staying with the child for the rest of his or her life, as they are buried deep within their subconscious minds. It is our belief that negative imprints must be addressed at an early age in accordance with Freud’s beliefs, to provide space without clutter for new habits for health. We can teach adolescents to learn how to grow and enjoy life. This time of life is our ‘Golden Opportunity’. Children are the world’s greatest assets. The very essence of children creates our desire to nurture, provide for, and love them. Many emotions develop and cross over to different aspects in the growth of the child and sometimes we do not fully recognize the depth of their understanding. It is our further belief that we must give more credit to the child for her or his intelligence and the ability to apply suggestions and images to their inner beings. We must always bear in mind that we are working with ‘little people’ and temper this with the child’s innate intelligence. The Get Right To It Books and Audios do just that.


These Affirmations are created and arranged to assure a way of thinking and acting by the child not only to motivate and energize her or him in daily activities, but to elevate self- confidence, self-respect and self-esteem. If the child is not at this reading level, then please read them to the child. If the child can read them, it is also a good idea for you to re-read the Affirmations to the child. For example, if we are dealing with Motivation & Success issues, the repetition of the Affirmations on a daily basis for a very brief period of time….a matter of just minutes….drives the Affirmations to the child’s subconscious mind so that after a while the child starts ‘feeling motivated and energized’, and ‘thinking successfully’ effortlessly, automatically and naturally. Each book and audio incorporates the Affirmations specifically created for the issue that is being addressed. The child may repeat one Affirmation a day or as many as he or she cares to. These Affirmations are to be read or listened to, and ‘felt’ by the child without any stress or pressure. They do work!! The child’s reading level is not in issue with the audio version.
Like Pavlov’s dog, we can stimulate the mind and body into actions that we desire. By suggesting to the child that after running a movie over and over in their minds of past times of energy and success, a message is immediately sent to the subconscious mind that when the child merely thinks of those past times of energy and success, thoughts and feelings of energy and success flow. This is called a ‘trigger’ which stimulates the subconscious mind to promote the desired actions. Each cover is also a ‘trigger’ as every drawing conveys a message relative to the issues that are being addressed in the little book or audio. The drawings are also incorporated into the Affirmations to assure reflection and repetition. The subconscious mind is being programmed with the reading of or listening to these affirmations, running of the movies, and the images on the covers, and this is truly a natural and effective way to accomplish almost anything. We are programmed daily by the media, people, happenings, and life in general, so why not create our own programming to empower ourselves and enjoy our lives. A child’s formative years are the time to learn positive thinking. The magic of belief and suggestion is formidable as witnessed in athletic endeavors, school, play, attitude and demeanor.


Three of our five senses are utilized with the printed books and the audio books: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. The more learning channels that are used, the deeper the thoughts go into our subconscious minds. The printed books offer the visual and kinesthetic approaches while the audio books not only offer the audio, visual and kinesthetic approaches but capture the passion and extensive experience of Dr. De Marco in his programming of the child’s subconscious mind. The generous length of the CD’s permits Dr. De Marco to expand on the content of the printed books, and to masterfully weave all of the Triggers and Affirmations into a highly absorbing audio experience. The audio contains meaningful explanations and key programming words and thoughts, plus relaxation inductions, subconscious stimulations, and powerful 'lead-ins' to each of the Affirmations which could not possibly have been addressed in the print version. If the audio version is purchased, it is humbly suggested that the grown-ups also listen along with the child to appreciate how all of the thoughts, emotions and techniques are captured by Dr. De Marco. You may choose to have your child work with either or both versions in order to leave ‘no stone unturned’ in your quest to help your child enhance its life-skills.

Anthony F. De Marco, LL.B., Ph.D., DNGH

Dr. De Marco is a consulting hypnotist with over 25 years experience in working with clients who suffer from unwanted and addictive behaviors. He has helped children to improve their thinking and their behaviors and also those with ADD and ADHD, and others to eliminate stress, improve their skills, enhance their sports abilities, while also elevating the quality of their lives. He is a co-founder of the first school of hypnosis to be approved by the State of New Jersey Department of Education as a post-secondary vocational school in 1991. He is a Diplomate of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the author of the 1994 regulation of the New Jersey Board of Psychological Examiners under which hypnotists practice in New Jersey. He is in his 13th year serving as the Chairman of the Board of the Council of Professional Hypnosis Organizations of the USA and Canada. Dr De Marco is a journalist for the NGH Journal of Hypnotism, a workshop presenter throughout the USA related to diverse self-help aspects, and author of several extensive and well-received Videos and Practice Manuals.
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